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About Lindsey Lemieux
Owner and Founder of Sonoma Stretch

Lindsey L.

I am a certified level 3 and Life Stretch therapist who is passionate about helping people. I received my certification from the world renowned  Stretch to Win institute.  I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology, which allows me to better connect with my clients. I opened Sonoma Stretch so I could provide clients with quality fascial stretch sessions. I have personally experienced the benefits of fascial stretch therapy (FST). Years ago, I suffered from a bulging disc which was causing excruciating pain. I had a dear friend who was a certified FST provider.  She convinced me to give FST a try before committing to neck surgery.  After ONE session my pain was significantly reduced, and opened my eyes to the possibility of pain relief without medication or surgery.  I look forward to providing you with a similar experience.


About Breanne

I am a certified level 1 and Life Stretch therapist. I am excited for this amazing stretch journey. I have a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and 4 years of experience working in both Chiropractor and Physical therapy clinics. My goal is to help others achieve their goals when it comes to pain relief, increased range of motion or just a little bit of self care. 


About Stacy

I am a certified level 1 and Life Stretch therapist.  I am also a practicing Register Nurse her in beautiful Las Cruces. I first discovered Fascial Stretch Therapy looking into a workout recovery aid for myself. In learning more I am a first hand believer in the benefits that using FST can provide in aiding chronic and acute conditions, and generalized body wellness! I am excited to be joining Sonoma Stretch as a partner in healing for our community. 

Lindsey R.

About Lindsey

I have always felt my calling in life has been to help others.  I have a background in nursing and sports medicine. I have personally seen the benefits of fascial stretch therapy (FST) help my husband who is a combat veteran. We have been to countless Dr's who have all dismissed him. After just one session my husband was able to have relief from the pain he has felt for years. I am excited to be able to offer this service to other Veterans as well as help athletes increase mobility, flexibility and performance. 


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